Saints and Sinners NYE Ball 2023

🌟🎉 Step Into the World of Temptation! 🎉🌟

Prepare to be captivated as the world-renowned Saints & Sinners Ball returns for its glorious 33rd year! Proudly brought to you once again by the unparalleled AdultMatchMaker and not once, but twice crowned with the Eros Shine award for Best Adult Party in Australia 🏆, the Saints & Sinners Ball isn’t just a party – it’s an iconic celebration of the most alluring and seductive facets of Australian nightlife.

Venture into a realm where boundaries blur, and desires take the spotlight. From coast to coast and beyond our shores, we attract the most adventurous couples, daring exhibitionists, and those who truly understand the essence of uninhibited pleasure. Dive into an erotic ambiance, where dance, play, and passion intertwine under a blanket of electric energy.

🌠 Don those tantalizing costumes and let your fantasies reign supreme in a space where every moment promises to be more electrifying than the last. 🌠

There’s a world of adult parties, and then there’s the Saints & Sinners Ball – the ultimate testament to the wilder side of life. Dare you miss out on the most decadent event of the year? 😉🔥🖤

No Refund Policy – tickets will not be refunded once purchased

If you wish to transfer your ticket to another Saints & Sinners Ball, it may be possible depending on availability—please contact us. Transfers are valid for the same calendar year, up to the value of sum paid by you in respect of the event.

Invitations are extended to couples and single female identifying including trans women and trans men. You are free to do as little or as much as you like, provided you are dressed as required. If you prefer to just watch others, or just dance, drink, and chat then the choice is yours.

Guests arrive any time from 8:30pm onwards, initially enjoying drinks and a chat at the bar to relax and loosen up. You arrive in street clothes, or with your costume covered up in some way, and present your tickets at reception where you will be directed to the Changing Area. Personal belongings and street clothes are checked into our cloakroom for security.The venue is a multi-room one, with different DJs playing music to cater for most tastes, on two different levels. On the main stage there will be various shows and fun competitions during the evening, and around the rest of the venue you’ll see different activities, both raunchy and otherwise, and you’re free to join in on these, or just watch other guests getting up to mischief.

Remember, just about anything goes. There are open areas where people are talking, dancing, drinking, meeting, fondling etc, and there are other areas where people can get down and dirty and play a little more discreetly. The B&D area is always busy with resident Masters and Mistresses administering their pleasure!


There is no theme for New Years Eve but there is still a requirement to wear erotic wear. This means something that the average person could not wear walking down the street, or along their supermarket aisles. It means a costume with lots of flesh on show with perhaps the occasional pink bit peaking out. It means you can’t attend the evening in ordinary street clothes or covered up. You must comply with basic erotic costumes would include lingerie, G-strings, etc. Use your imagination in the most erotic and/or filthiest ways possible. If in doubt about what you plan to wear email us for an opinion.

Be aware jeans, slacks or long trousers of ANY type, or cut-off jean shorts and a ripped T-shirt does NOT constitute erotic dress, and are completely and no exceptions will be made to the above rule.

The following are our standard dress rules.NO Full-Length Trousers (unless they’re chaps, or totally see-through with no underwear)NO Full-Length Dresses (unless totally see-through and no underwear)NO Coats NO standard nightclub attire NO ordinary street clothes See Less

No Effort No Entry

The Saints & Sinners Fashion Police are back enforcing the erotic dress requirement of the event. There will be no sneaking past or out the back door !

… Be daring, have fun

SECURITY AT OUR EVENTS In addition to the venue security Saints have our own security guards. There will be 1 saints guard on each level stationed at the corner of the bar. They will be easily identified as they will be wearing a black shirt with printed Saints & Sinners Security and with an additional security lanyard

These guards are your first port of call should anything happen. If any reported situation needs escalation the security guard will call for backup and management will attend

Please play your part in consent and respect at the event

Consent at our events

Consent must be verbal, mutual, definite, and given consciously, and persons are free to change their mind at any time

Remember that consent for one act does not imply consent for all acts, and consent given once does not mean that you have consent every time

No always means no

Always seek and confirm verbal consent in advance for everything

Ask before you touch

Some more advice

1. Discuss Comfort Levels with Your Partner in Advance of attendance

The most important rule for swingers new to this lifestyle is discussing boundaries.Always develop a mutual understanding of how far to go before you engage with any couple.Remember that swinging doesn’t always mean having penetrative sex. Some couples only prefer foreplay and oral.While others may be down to have vaginal and even anal.So, what are your limits as a couple?

2. Set a Codeword

Swinging can be overwhelming for first timers, especially if you have a hard time controlling your nerves.So, the last thing you want is to make your experience awkward and uncomfortable by not knowing how to make it stop. This is why we recommend setting a few codewords. Some codewords might indicate pleasure while others pain. Use them while you’re sexually engaging with other couples,so your partners know what’s going on with your feelings.

3. Practice Safe Sex

Unprotected sex is a risk that we’d never recommend taking. Even if you’re swinging with Bob and Mary who you’ve known for years. You never know what goes on in their sex life. How active they have been in the lifestyle scene, and how seriously they take the safety measures.

This is why, whether you’re partner swapping with someone you already know or going to a swinger club – ALWAYS carry condoms.

4. Communicate Clearly

Like every sexual experience, if you want to make swinging memorable, then communicate clearly.Talk to your partner if they like the couple you plan on engaging with.Share any kinks or sexual preferences you have.At the same time, make an effort to understand what the other couple expects.No one can read your mind, so unless you don’t tell them what you’re expecting, they wouldn’t know.

5. Drink Under a Limit

This is the most important swinger party rule.Sure, drinking can set the tone and help you calm your nerves before you swing. But, we only recommend drinking under a limit. Two glasses of wine or beer are enough to get tipsy. Any more than that would be a bad idea because you may lose control over yourself.The last thing you want is to make the other couple feel uncomfortable just because you had a few more drinks than you could handle.

6. Listen to your Partner

Swinging is a mutual decision, and you should respect what your partner likes and dislikes.IF you’re planning to swing with a particular couple, but your partner doesn’t want to, then listen to what he/she prefers. It will only be fun when both of you are into it and truly feel comfortable.

7. Adhere to Club Etiquettes

If you’re going to a swinger club, then keep in mind that every club has its set of rules and guidelines that they’re quite strict about.

8. Stay Quiet as a Voyeur

There’s nothing more annoying than being spectated by voyeurs who can’t stay quiet. So, if you’re watching other couples, then make sure not to make unnecessary noise.

9. Clean Up your Own Mess

Just because someone enjoys having sex with you, doesn’t mean they’d also enjoy cleaning your gunk.

Whether you’re swinging in a lifestyle club, or at someone’s home, don’t forget to clean your mess. That shows respect for others.

10. Take it Slow

First-time couples should take it slow and spend some time at the first base.And even if you have the no-kissing rule, then at least, get briefly acquainted with the couple.Rushing into it may be too overwhelming for your partner, especially if he/she already has a hard time controlling their nerves.

11. Calm your Nerves

Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong in telling the other couple that you’re nervous. They’ll go out of their way to make you relax.

12. Take Care of your Hygiene

This should already be obvious enough, but if it isn’t, then do not forget to take care of your hygiene.Before you swing with a couple, make sure to take a shower, and especially wash your private parts.And it doesn’t hurt to buy a perfume and keep a mint because no one likes being around a bad body odour and breathe.Carry protection with you and have it handy so you don’t have to run off or fumble to be ready for the fun. Be responsible for your own personal protection during the course of the interaction. Especially if its with someone you haven’t had fun with before. You need to trust yourself.

13. Consent is Key

Regardless of how deep you’re into the moment, don’t forget that consent is key.The moment any of the sexual partners ask you to stop, you need to respect their decision.This is also the reason we don’t recommend getting too drunk before swinging. Otherwise, it may become difficult for you to control yourself.

14. Don’t Undermine your Partner

If you value your relationship, then make sure not to make your partner feel insecure. Do not undermine their sexual prowess in front of another couple.The only thing you would achieve by doing that is to make your partner feel hesitant for a second time. And in the worst-case scenario, it may even permanently damage your relationship.

15. Be Courteous After Sex

You don’t have to exchange numbers and become best buddies with every couple you have sex with.But the least you can do is to be courteous by being understanding, polite, and thoughtful.In a nutshell, behave with them the same way you would expect them to behave towards you.


Saints & Sinners takes your privacy seriously. 

At Saints we have official photographers that are identifiable by a lanyard and as we have a no camera policy they will be the only ones with a camera.

Our photographers will always ask you if it’s ok to take your photo and gain verbal consent. Crowd shots are focused on performers and what is happening on stage however on occasion you can see people in the audience. If you see an image of yourself on any Saints & Sinners platforms and want it removed please email us immediately and we will remove it.

Notices are posted throughout all of the venues explaining that photography and video recording are happening, and if you don’t consent to your image and likeness being captured and used, you should avoid the area.

If you raise your hand to your face we will immediately delete any photos the above policy includes video

On average at a large event we take 200 images from our official photographers of which 80% are of the performances and the rest posed consenting attendees there is no over use of cameras/video as we realise that you come to our events for a good time and we respect your privacy

If you have any concerns regarding this policy please contact or alternatively do not attend the event

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