Saints & Sinners Ball “Angels & Demons”

It’s official…all the “bad”people are going to hell…so why not join us on the looooong escalator ride into the FURNACE!!….that’ right boys an girls an all those between its time to be dripping in those red and black sexy costumes horns high heels and pitch forks!..something suitable to party in the company of the devils elite…

A party for the Wicked and the Wonderful – where the citizens of Hell and Heaven can come together and play! Are you an Angel or a Demon? Perhaps a little bit of both, depending on your mood?

Whatever you are, get ready to unleash it at Saints & Sinners ‘Angels & Demons’

Costume ideas: ALL MUST BE EROTIC

Australia’s hottest ‘adults-only’ party Saints & Sinners Ball is an erotic ‘no holds barred’ extravaganza of adult fun.

The ‘world famous’ Saints & Sinners Ball now in its 33rd (2023) year.

Proudly sponsored once again by AdultMatchMaker, and twice winner of the Eros Shine award for Best Adult Party in Australia, the Saints & Sinners Ball is Australia’s premier adult event. This legendary adult event attracts broadminded couples & women, exhibitionists and swingers from all over Australia and overseas.

S&S is an erotic party where like-minded couples and women party, dance and play. This is a ‘no holds barred’ extravaganza of adult fun mixed with erotic costumes in an electric atmosphere! There’s no doubt that these parties are the raunchiest and most uninhibited parties on the swinging scene.

Invitations are extended to couples and single (identifying) females. You are free to do as little or as much as you like, provided you are dressed as required. If you prefer to just watch others, or just dance, drink, and chat then the choice is yours.

Guests arrive any time from 8:30pm onwards, initially enjoying drinks and a chat at the bar to relax and loosen up. You arrive in street clothes, or with your costume covered up in some way, and present your tickets at reception where you will be directed to the Changing Area. Personal belongings and street clothes are checked into our cloakroom for security.

The venue is a multi-room one, with different DJs playing music to cater for most tastes, on two different levels. On the main stage there will be various shows and fun competitions during the evening, and around the rest of the venue you’ll see different activities, both raunchy and otherwise, and you’re free to join in on these, or just watch other guests getting up to mischief.

Remember, just about anything goes. There are open areas where people are talking, dancing, drinking, meeting, fondling etc, and there are other areas where people can get down and dirty and play a little more discreetly. The B&D area is always busy with resident Masters and Mistresses administering their pleasure!

The theme is Steam Punk Post Apocalypse and there is a requirement to wear erotic fancy dress relating to the theme. This means something that the average person could not wear walking down the street, or along their supermarket aisles. It means a costume with lots of flesh on show with perhaps the occasional pink bit peeking out. It means you can’t attend the evening in ordinary street clothes or covered up. If you do not want to dress in the theme you must comply with basic erotic costumes would include lingerie, G-strings, etc. Use your imagination in the most erotic and/or filthiest ways possible. If in doubt about what you plan to wear email us for an opinion.

Be aware jeans, slacks or long trousers of ANY type, or cut-off jean shorts and a ripped T-shirt does NOT constitute erotic dress and are completely and no exceptions will be made to the above rule.

The following are our standard dress rules.

NO Full-Length Trousers (unless they’re chaps, or totally see-through with no underwear)

NO Full-Length Dresses (unless totally see-through and no underwear)

NO Coats

NO standard nightclub attire

NO ordinary street clothes

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